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Natural Power
Concentrated liquid Washing Detergent

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Why use the Natur Power Liquid Washing Detergent while doing your laundry?

• Excellent cleaning results: The concentrated formula allows no allergy and no product residual on fabrics while perfectly cleaning your loads.

• Efficient: Perfect performance at low temperature ,30°, with the  "economy "and  " quick "  programmes and with any fabric mix. Delicate aloe fragrance, 100% natural. 

• Environmentally safe:Active vegetable ingredients, 100% biodegradable product and recyclable bottle. Less paper waste (-66%) - Less plastic waste (-57%) - Less water waste (-66%) – Zero impact on acquatic life.

• Practical: Concentrated product to save space, water and to care for the environment. 1 lt. corresponds to 3lt of regular detergent allowing for 28 washes.

  • Concentrated detergent to save water and space
  • Ecologic ingredients to care about the environment
  • Excellent cleaning results already at 30° or with Eco and Quick programmes

Extraordinary performances

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4812 817 00178


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