Whirlpool Europe C.S. Export Division

Whirlpool Europe C.S. Export Division

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Water is the vital elixir for life and wellbeing. To stay healthy we need to drink around 2 L of it every day, for this reason it’s important to have a reliable source of water always available.

Whirlpool introduces Purefirst, the new water dispenser that provides all the clean, filtered drinking water you want, always available, because is connected to the drinking water system of your home.Thanks to a sophisticated professional filter, Purefirst significantly reduces impurities, improving the taste and quality of your drinking water.


Turbidity 95,70%
Sediment / particulate Class 1
Chlorine Taste & odor 97,60%
Lead 99,30%
Cyst 99,90%

Moreover, if you care for the environment, Purefirst is perfect as reduces all the inconveniences due to transport, storage and waste of plastic bottles, saving you effort while respecting the environment.


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